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    10 things to know about HOPtineke

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    Good day HOPtineke's friends and partners :o)

    I know you do have lots of questions about this blog, but perhaps you're a little shy to express yourself!

    This is now 10 things you should know:

    • I am like you, I'm a fan of giveaways and curious about novelties! Thus was born the idea of blog associated with a facebook page.
    • I am like you and so I try to make you understand better how to increase your chances ... here but also everywhere else! Many people needlessly spend their energy doing nothing openly! It must, however, your "like the page" and your "shares" are to be public so that your name simply appear in the list of fans of a page! For statements "like" check your privacy settings : Click the tab "About" on your diary and get to the "like", then click the small arrow to the right to open the pop menu. In this menu select "Edit confidentiality", then use the audience selector next to each section to select who can see your "Like" in this topic.
    • I don't win giveaways with this page! I try my luck in many giveaways offered on facebook under my personal profile Tineke Landwier. Like you I have family, friends, acquaintances, casual contact and subscribers on my profile. I rarely refuses a request to add.
    • The drawings are to be made via Random, no preference is given. When I speak of extra points, it means that your name is taken xx more times in the list of the draw. The "rules" imposed for each giveaway are checked and often lots drawn are required ... This takes time!
    • Do not think that I stay there waiting with nothing to do ... I get in touch every day with potential new partners throughout Europe ... in different languages ...
    • My partners are also present on the page (either as a "page" or as a "person" and thus, very attentive to your feedback and comments. Sometimes they relay our action in partnership on their own page ... then, whether on HOPtineke and / or among partners, do not be shy, express yourself! the more reactions, the more actions  there will be ...
    • The rules are simple, follow them! If you are asked a question, answer it: o) I often smile when I read the reactions as it is clear that few people click on "view after".
    • Nothing is published without any reason even if there immediately, there is no proposed giveaway after either publication. Indeed some partnerships require more preparation. Your feedback is also very much appreciated when there's nothing to win.
    • Many of my partners have the unpleasant feelings exist only by theirgiveaways activities and then talk about professional players ... If HOPtineke is not a business, this is not the case for my partners seeking new customers in Europe. I'm ELSEWHERE always ready to help you place orders with foreign partners !!
    • Here and on facebook, reactions to different articles of presentations are rare ... and yet would be highly appreciated. If you want this kind of giveaways to persist you should get involved a little more.
    • Other competitions are getting ready, I hope to see clearly ... that you've read this entire article :)
    • I gladly answer all your questions about HOPtineke :o)